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Binance, one of the most famous and quickest-developing exchanges, has also disbursed BTG tokens and opened markets for trading BTG.For extra on Binance, see our distinct manual: "Binance Cryptocurrency: A Unique And Rapidly Growing Crypto Exchange".Binance took the screenshot at block 491,407 on 2017/10/24 01:20:39 (UTC Time) and began trading it for its users at once after.Actual deposit/withdrawal of BTG continues to be not energetic on Binance, however assume it to be to be had while the BTG blockchain is solid and prepared.If you wish to exchange BTG tokens, the subsequent buying and selling pairs are available on Binance (this may be achieved handiest in case you had BTC on Binance at the choices time of the Bitcoin Gold fork photograph):Read Binance’s authentic statement on BTGChangelly which one of the easiest to use cryptocurrency trade that has also now indexed Bitcoin Gold.Don't leave out @bitcoingold ultimately indexed on Changelly!

$BTG is available to alternate at the nice costs for over 70 cryptos and VISA/Mastercard! of you who don’t recognise about Changelly.Changelly is a manufactured from the mining pool, MinerGate, which has a demonstrated song file of always true merchandise being placed out into the crypto-space.One of the excellent things approximately Changelly is that you don’t need to undergo any lengthy verification or registration method. You simply log in together with your e mail ID (or any e mail ID) and begin changing!Currently, it helps greater than 70 cryptocurrencies along side fiat pairs including USD/EUR.

It is one of the best and easiest to use exchanges available. If you need to know extra, take a look at out Harsh’s assessment on Changelly.When you use Changelly to trade cryptocurrency, Changelly bots connect in real time to a number of the pleasant and busiest cryptocurrency exchanges inside the marketplace to get you the choices pleasant fee.After Bitfinex, Binance suspended the choices buying and selling of Bitcoin gold, Bleutrade grew to become out to be the nice place to promote your Bitcoin Gold.

We have examined depositing BTG on Bleutrade and exchange it for BTG. So a ways, its the excellent change for promoting your Bitcoin Gold.HitBTC is a multi-cryptocurrency global trading platform that has been running considering the fact that 2013. They have also officially announced to assist Bitcoin Gold put up-fork.HitBTC has allocated BTG tokens in a 1:1 ratio to its customers.Actual deposit/withdrawal of BTG is still now energetic on HitBTC and you can trade it with BTC and few different pairs.If you desire to trade BTG tokens, the following trading pairs are available on HitBTC (this may be completed handiest if you had BTC on HitBTC at the time of the Bitcoin Gold fork snapshot):Here is their verification policy and verification manual.Read HitBTC’s professional announcement on BTGBitfinex is one among the most important Bitcoin exchanges available. Like most of the most important BTC exchanges, after the choices fork, Bitfinex supplied its BTC holders with BTG tokens.For this, Bitfinex has added its new Chain Split Tokens (CSTs) with a view to permit investors to alternate on the choices capability activation and mining of the choices Bitcoin Gold consensus protocol.

Note: Bitfinex will simplest be assigning BTG to balances extra than or same to zero.01 BTC.Actual deposit/withdrawal of BTG is still no longer lively on Bitfinex, but assume it to be to be had whilst the choices BTG blockchain is solid and prepared.If you desire to alternate BTG tokens, the following buying and selling pairs are to be had on Bitfinex (this could be achieved in case you had BTC on Bitfinex at the time of the choices Bitcoin Gold fork image and also with the aid of depositing new BTC and exchanging them into CSTs):Read Bitfinex’s respectable announcement on BTGYoBit is a Chinese change that has also commenced trading signals Bitcoin Gold.

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