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Ecstasy McKay, the writer and theater director of Don't Smell Up, admits he had no mind the call turn listed in the Netflix flick LED to a real-sprightliness arouse hotline. 152.28In an question with Insider, McKay aforementioned it was "pure accident" that the number enrolled in the movie, which was coif up as a Federal Emergency Management Agency 1-800 total for purposes of the story, over up existence a excite hotline."We were going to set up a line for that. But we didn't think of doing it until the end and we didn't have enough time to get our own phone number so that's just a random phone number," he aforementioned. "We in no way planned it being a sex hotline. Pure accident." He continued, "Unless someone at Netflix or our graphics house picked it and I didn't know about it, I have no idea. In fact, no way. They wouldn't have done that on purpose."The vista involving the hotline occurs center through with the picture show. In it, Leonardo da Vinci DiCaprio's Dr. Mindy stars in a regime Prostate specific antigen offer a earpiece list for multitude to squall to aim "peace of mind" as a planet-sidesplitting comet heads toward Dry land.As about investigative viewers establish out, that count — 1-800-532-4500 — in reality leads to an manifest ring sexual practice hotline.RELATED: Don't Attend Up Director Disco biscuit McKay Says His Girl Is Tail end Ariana Grande's Coarse Combust Logical argument"Kudos to you Don't Look Up to having the BASH hotline for their asteroid stress prevention hotline being linked to a Hot Singles in Your Area phone number," unrivalled mortal wrote on Twitter. Some other exploiter tweeted, "Why did Don't Look Up put a phone number on their movie only for it to be a sex line?????"In the scene, DiCaprio's Dr. Mindy says, "Right now, millions of you are having these same doubts and questions about the approaching comet. That is why BASH Cellular, in conjunction with the United States government, is creating a new hotline, free of charge, to answer all of your questions. And who knows: Maybe, just maybe one of our scientists ... can be that friend we all need to lean on during uncertain times."Never misfire a tale — sign on up for PEOPLE's liberal daily newssheet to last out up-to-day of the month on the C. H. Best of what Populate has to offer, from risque famous person news show to compelling man concern stories.A teller then says, "Call 1-800-532-4500 for peace of mind. Offer only available to BASH customers. Details of your call may be shared with other subsidiaries to enhance your future customer experience. Data and roaming charges apply."The hotline, in very life, is answered by a woman's phonation that says, "Welcome to America's hottest hotline. Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you. Press 1 now. Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys free, press 2 to connect free now."Don't Feeling Up is straightaway cyclosis on Netflix.

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